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Mediation services

We provide mediation services for:

  • Divorces

  • Child custody disputes

  • Asset disputes

  • Debt disputes and more

Go With An Alternative Path to Resolving a Dispute With Mediation

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Not every problem has to go to court. For smaller disputes, you can trust the mediation services of

The Gambrel Firm, LLC to help find a suitable resolution for each of the involved parties.

Discover if mediation is the right path for you to take in your dispute. Call us for a FREE initial consultation! We have been helping clients in Northern Kentucky resolve their legal issues since 1988.

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Binding Resolutions in Court Without Going to Court

Mediation decisions are binding agreements between parties, but they do not involve the courts themselves. In many cases, the court will order parties to mediate their dispute and resolve outstanding issues.

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Mediation process

Mediation is completed at an hourly rate, which is typically divided equally between the parties. Any agreement reached will be drafted, signed, and filed with the appropriate court.

Agreement implementation

A copy of the agreement will be sent to all parties following being executed by the court. Mediation can be done for all issues, including but not limited to, child support, custody, assets, debts, and more.