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Family law

We represent clients with:

  • Divorce

  • Child support and maintenance

  • Prenuptial arrangements

  • Adoptions

  • Uncontested divorces

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  • QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relation Order)

  • Custody disputes

  • Post-decree issues

  • Collaborative divorce proceedings

  • Same sex agreements

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Kentucky is a no-fault state

Kentucky is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. However, fault, such as adultery, may be taken in consideration by the court as a deciding factor for dividing property or awarding maintenance.

Child's best interest as priority

Child support is calculated based on the parties’ income and parenting schedule. Child support is typically paid through and monitored by the Kentucky Child Support Division. The party providing health insurance and child care services will receive deductions. In the event one party is unemployed at the time of calculations, income can be imputed at minimum wage or based of their last federal income tax return.

In order to file for divorce in Kentucky, at least one spouse is required to be a residence for at least

180 days prior to filing for divorce. When someone gets divorced and their ex-spouse has a retirement or pension, the get part of it.

Divorce rules in Kentucky

Kentucky begins with a presumption of what’s in the child’s best interest. This allows the child to have frequent and continuing contact with both parents following a divorce. This varies given circumstances of each case. The court takes into the consideration the safety and wellbeing of the minor child when determining custody. If both parties are sound and able it is likely joint custody and/or shared parenting will be awarded.

Child support calculation